The Bald Truth and Nothing but the Truth

The Bald Truth and Nothing but the Truth

Hair loss is a bald truth that affects men of every race, nation, colour or creed. It can be a distressing problem, and whatever the cause, it’s not something we all want to go through.

According to the Malaysian Society for Hair Sciences, one in two Malaysian men above the age of 50 will experience thinning hair. The same goes for women, usually by the age of 60.

The good news, however, is that there are medical ways of treating it. At Bespoke Health, our compounding pharmacy can build a custom-made product for you, using different active ingredients that address your specific needs. This is much better than what you can get from using hair growth products available commercially or over-the-counter.

The ingredients we use are some of the most popular in hair loss therapy, such as minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil promotes hair growth by increasing circulation to your scalp, while finasteride stops your body from producing DHT, the hormone that causes male baldness.

Used individually or combined together, they will give you a better chance of hair regrowth. We can also compound a progesterone or estrogen formula if you are suffering from hormone-related hair loss. Whatever the case, the key to successful treatment is getting the right product – with the right ingredients, right concentration and right dosage amounts for you. With custom-made products, you have the best chance of real growth and minimal side effects from active ingredients.

Last but not least, our advice is that you start early! For some men, the first signs of male pattern baldness can begin as early as in their 20s. So protect your crown of glory while there’s still time, and if you’ve tried everything out there but failed, then try us! WhatsApp us to learn more about our compounded treatments for hair loss, where we can provide you topical solutions, foams or scalp lotions.






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