our story

BESPOKE HEALTH is a healthcare company focused on Restorative & Regenerative medicine


Each person has their own unique genetic makeup. We provide the best optimum healthcare management formulated to their needs.

BESPOKE HEALTH invested in quality assured healthcare by developing state-of-the-art facilities. 

We deliver only the highest quality products to both our patients and healthcare professionals.

Compounding pharmaceuticals requires stringent operating procedures, that is why we adhere strictly to standards, codes, and guidelines by the Good Compounding Practice, Ministry of Health Malaysia.

We adhere to the comprehensive standards of :-

a. United States Pharmacopeia ( USP )

b. National Formulary ( NF )

c. National Sanitation Foundation ( NSF )

d. British Pharmacopeia ( BP )

e. European Pharmacopeia ( EP )

All our chemical and ingredients purchases come with Material Data Sheets ( MDS ) and Certificates of Analysis ( CoAs ).

We are a boutique compounding pharmacy which uses robust technology to prepare quality bespoke medications and supplements by only premium quality pharmaceutical ingredients from reputable sources.We purchase each ingredient from only the most reputable suppliers, ensuring they adhere to the U.S Pharmacopeia or British Pharmacopeia – world standards for quality pharmaceutical ingredients. These companies perform their own testing on the ingredients before they supply to us. 

We specialise in Nutraceutical, Bio-Identical Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy and Dermatological Compounding. We improve patient compliance by providing medications in strengths not manufactured by drug companies; prepare medication in an alternate easier to digest dosage form and to make it more palatable.

We take pride in creating the best supplements that are Pharmacist formulated, natural with evidence based.

Bespoke medicines and supplements increase the availability of hard to find drugs and medications. By removing any designer dyes and preservatives patented by a specific drug manufacturing company, compounded medications can end up being significantly cheaper than commercially available products.

All compounding is carried out in accordance to USP requirements with reference to the Good Compounding Guidelines. We have a purpose built facility for compounding only.

Compounding is the art of creating customised medication, made to a patients specific needs. We work closely with specialists and doctors who prescribe compounded medications to their patients who are unable to be treated by regular medications. We provide an integrative holistic approach.

WE ARE HERE TO HELP if you need your medication flavoured, change into a liquid form for easier administration or a blend of vitamins combined into 1 capsule. We can offer vegetarian capsules as an option personalised to your needs.

We offer very competitive pricing and a 24 – 48 hours turn around on all common compounded medications.

*A valid prescription is required to purchase these products, please contact us
sales@bespokehealth.com.my for further information.