Bespoke Health is a compounding pharmacy focusing on customised medications made in our laboratory. Our belief is that everyone is unique and that everybody requires different nutrition depending on age, gender, lifestyle, genetic makeup and more. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health, and that’s where we come in! 

Our story

Bespoke Health was established in 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as a digital business. Our founder is a certified compounding pharmacist with over 20 years in the healthcare industry, working in various international countries and in different areas of pharmacy. 

She also set up a few successful pharmacy businesses like a community pharmacy chain, a wholesale pharmacy and an online pharmacy. However, she realised that something was still missing in the market. Many people were still not improving with commercial medications and vitamins.

That was when she started Bespoke Health. With her experience in private labelling for skincare and supplements, she got together her own team of pharmacists, doctors and biomedical engineers. 

Starting with Sleep treatment and PMS, she received good reports from clients who were able to sleep better. These happy customers then asked if she had other products for skin and weight loss treatment.

Today, Bespoke Health has grown to formulate supplements for sleep, skincare, hormones, immunity, weight loss, nutrition and is a passionate advocate for mental health. Together with a supportive co-founder who has a background in government relations, economics and finance, our founders believe in growing Bespoke Health to provide top quality, optimal and  targeted nutrition at affordable pricing.

What’s great about our products?


Our products are pure, natural and freshly compounded. They don’t contain parabens, allergens, preservatives, fragrances or artificial colours.


We formulate different dosages and can combine different ingredients to target a specific lack. We do not mass produce.


We compound products that are approved by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health, US Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopoeia and European Pharmacopoeia. We don’t believe in junk science.


We take time to understand our clients, going through proper consultations and medical history before we prescribe. It’s not just a quick chat!

Value for money

Because our products don’t contain designer dyes or patented ingredients by huge drug companies, they’re significantly cheaper cost per gram.


We are not a traditional pharmacy selling nappies and tissues – our specialty is compounding and we intend to stay focused!

A Thank You Message

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and suppliers for their unwavering support and trust in us all these years. Together we grow to provide the best healthcare one deserves!

Best wishes, 

Founder & Co-Founder