hair care

Hair loss is a complex problem and can be difficult to treat in both men and women. Minoxidil topical products are commercially available but not necessarily effective for everyone.



We compound hair loss medications on prescription which doctors can prescribe . These include:

  • Minoxidil 
  • Low dose Minoxidil capsules
  • Low dose Minoxidil capsules combined with Finasteride and Spironolactone.

Hair loss affects both men and women. It can have strong emotional and psychological consequences on both sexes. Hair loss can have multiple causes ranging from hormonal changes, stress, iron deficiency to fungal infections and medicine induced hair loss.



A common treatment we offer  is a minoxidil foam.



Minoxidil is the HERO of hair loss.  While minoxidil capsules are also used for the treatment for hair loss, the majority are using it as topical solution applied to the scalp.



Minoxidil has been shown to promote increases in both hair regrowth and thickness. It is thought to dilate small blood vessels around the scalp stimulating hair growth. Maximum benefit of this medication is usually seen after several months of use. It is important to note that minoxidil treatment must be continued to maintain hair growth; otherwise, the pre-treatment state returns within 3-4 months  from ceasing treatment.


Dandruff  is a medical condition that causes flakes of skin to appear on the scalp. There are many causes, including seborrheic dermatitis, allergic reactions, psoriasis or eczema. Risks also increase with age, stress, hair products, the weather and other medical conditions.







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