Most austistic children follow a special diet free of gluten and casein as well as free of other problem-causing ingredients. 

Unfortunately,some commonly used medications contain gluten and some probiotics contain casein, which may pose an issue. 

Fortunately, Bespoke Health can prepare medications free of these problem-causing ingredients. 

We will work closely with your child’s pediatrician to provide the best treatment solution to meet your child’s specific requirements.

It is a struggle getting your child to take their medication as some kids might not have the easiest time swallowing capsules or taking unpleasant-tasting liquid. 

This is even more challenging when your child lives with autism. 

However, we can prepare flavored syrups, suspensions that contain the medication your child needs. 

We can prepare formulations specifically geared towards children who may need additional considerations when receiving medication.

Bespoke Health can prepare medications that are free of gluten, casein, yeast, wheat, certain sugars, and dyes if your child 

has any food or medication allergies. 

Some autistic children may need specialized nutrition therapy that can also be compounded by us.