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Ms Ho Wing Yan is an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant and Founder of Precious Sleep.


Ever since having kids, Wing Yan developed a passion for helping babies and parents attain better and restful sleep, because it is challenging to be sleep deprived !


Getting child to fall asleep “just like that” is an art, and the earlier you get it right, the closer you are towards gaining your precious sleep back.


4 years ago, Wing Yan embarked on a journey towards becoming an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant. Wing Yan has been personally trained and mentored by Dana Obleman ( creator of The Sleep Sense Program). She is now the 2nd Sleep Consultant in Malaysia and has helped many families restore sleep to their household ever since.


Precious Sleep won BabyTalk Malaysia Readers’ Choice Award 2020 in the Category of Baby Sleep Consultant.


1. Private consultations and personalized support to parents who seek to solve their baby’s sleep issues

2. Empower parents with the knowledge and right tools for instilling good sleep habits for their children

3. Custom sleep packages for children aged 0 – 4 years old.


For more information, please visit : https://precioussleep.my/


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