The dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) hormone is dubbed the “mother of all hormones”, yet it is one of the most overlooked hormones in the human body. Produced by adrenal glands near our kidneys, DHEA is the parent hormone for male and female sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen.

But its functions go beyond the libido; DHEA plays an important role in dealing with all kinds of hormone imbalance and adrenal issues. As DHEA levels start to decrease from the age of 30, it’s important to top it up to continually stay healthy. Whether in cream or capsule format, taking DHEA supplements can help to:

● Regulate insulin levels. DHEA levels directly impact blood insulin levels, and need to be maintained in order to control blood sugar level, especially for the diabetic.

● Protect the heart. DHEA lowers total cholesterol and LDL levels, and helps to lessen the risk of heart attacks.

● Strengthen bones. DHEA stimulates bone deposition and studies have shown that when combined with Vitamin D and calcium, it significantly improves spinal bone density in older women.

● Prevent dementia. DHEA supplements may reduce symptoms of cognitive decline such as memory loss, and help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

● Helps weight loss. DHEA has long been used as a safe, sustainable and effective method in losing weight. It speeds up metabolism and increases muscle mass, as we wrote in our previous blog post here.

With such wide-ranging benefits, taking DHEA supplements is sure to improve your health and general well-being. Get in touch with us for the right dosage, and for a careful consultation that takes into account your age, gender, lifestyle, genetics, environment and medical condition.


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