Mamavit for All Super Mums to Be

Mamavit for All Super Mums to Be

Dear Mum to Be,

Congratulations on the upcoming birth! I’m sure you’re feeling a whole range of emotions at this time in your life. I’m sure you’ve also had every one of your friends and family members give you countless advice, from emergency caesareans to confinement foods to supplements to breastfeeding.

But I want to share with you the sort of advice that could nourish you and your baby at any stage of your pregnancy. You may have heard that prenatal vitamins and diet are the two most important things for you right now, and it’s normal to want the best for you and your

But where do you start?

Let me tell you about Mamavit. It’s a prenatal vitamin that contains methylfolate, also known as MTHF Folate. It’s an active form of folic acid, which is absorbed very well by the body. Most prenatal vits out there use folic acid, however, about one in two people are not able to convert it to MTHF Folate, which is the active form of nutrients needed.

That’s why nutritionists recommend MTHF Folate instead of folic acid. Results have also shown higher hemoglobin levels at the end of the second trimester and at delivery for those who took the former. You see, there are a lot of supplements out there, but there’s no one that
is good enough. That’s why we’ve created this special formula – just for you. And we can titrate the dose based on your needs too.
MTHF Folate is essential for creating new DNA, proteins and red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body. Most importantly, it protects against neural tube defects (NTDs) during fetal development, which can cause brain and spine deformities to the baby.

To maintain a healthy pregnancy, taking supplements with folic acid and 5-Methyltetrahydrofolate (5-MTHF) have also proven to promote fetus growth and formation. The recommendation by the U.S institutes of Medicine is that women should take a 800 mcg dose daily because the results have been so positive.

When should you take Mamavit, I hear you ask? The ideal time is actually three months before trying to conceive. However, it’s never too late to start! You can use it throughout your pregnancy, and even into postpartum and breastfeeding time. Mamavit also has Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc in optimal doses for pregnant women, so a daily pill will make sure you’re in good shape physically, emotionally and mentally. 

Other essential nutrients to be aware of at this stage include calcium (important for your own and baby’s bone growth), iron (for baby’s blood cell and to prevent anemia during pregnancy), as well as the two most prominent omega-3 fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid
(DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Both these fatty acids will aid in baby’s brain development as well as heart health.

Also, taking a prenatal shouldn’t make you feel sick. You may hear of friends talking about unpleasant side effects, however cases are due to poor quality ingredients. Mamavit is made of only the purest, most biologically active minerals, so you’ll never have to worry about feeling strange or uneasy because it’s easy to swallow as it is in capsule form.

That said, we are always here to guide you on your nutritional intake. The amazing changes that are happening in your body are nothing short of a miracle, and you and your baby deserve all the help you can get.

With love,
Bespoke Health


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