Keep Your Pets Clean and Happy with Pawtection Spray

Keep Your Pets Clean and Happy with Pawtection Spray

Pet owners, we feel you… when your furry ones love playing in the dirt, rolling around on the grass, sniffing everything outdoors, or even playing (fighting) with other animals, they’re bound to scratch themselves and get infected. That’s when you have to play nurse and get them to take their medications.

Many of us will automatically turn to the vet for medications. However, there’s a widely known solution in colloidal nano silver – which can be sprayed or applied topically to cats, dogs, horses and many more!

We’ve blogged about the healing properties of silver in our previous posts. They’re used in everything from our Coronagargle mouthwash to eczema sprays, and that’s because nano silver has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties to prevent infections in wounds. 

An all-natural solution

We know that pets are an important part of your family, and that’s why we want the best for you and your furry ones! Our colloidal nano silver pet spray is an all-natural, non-toxic and chemical-free compound. Major benefits include:

-Protecting pets from any viral, fungal or bacteria infections

-Keeps yeast, ulcers, and urinary tract infections at bay

-Quick healing of open wounds, cuts and bruises

-Prevent odours from body, fur and breath

-Boost pets’ immune system


Pawtection spray is perfectly safe for your dogs and cats, and easily administered as it looks like water and has no smell. It can be sprayed directly into the mouth or onto infected areas. We know how difficult it can be to give pets their medication, so we’ve come up with a really simple solution! 

If your furry ones are always difficult when it comes to medication, we can also work together with your vet to specially compound liquid, cream or flavoured remedies for dogs, cats, ferrets, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards, turtles and parrots. There are so many alternatives based on solid scientific research, so get in touch with us for one that suits your pet best.







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