Why men need to balance their estrogen too

Why men need to balance their estrogen too

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then both sexes have different hormones right? Right and wrong. Women’s bodies produce testosterone, and men have estrogen too.That’s why they tell blokes to stay away from that chicken wing… and soy milk.

Yes, traditionally, testosterone is considered the male sex hormone and estrogen the female sex hormone. However, estradiol (the main form of estrogen) is abundant in the brain, penis and testes. More importantly, it influences sperm production, sex drive and erectile function. That’s right guys, please pay attention to your estrogen!

Hi, I’d like you to meet Chrysin…

No, not Christine! If you’re an athlete, chances are you have heard of chrysin, a plant-based bioflavonoid. Bodybuilders use them to increase testosterone and it’s great for muscle-building. But chrysin is more effective as a natural aromatase inhibitor, meaning it’s an estrogen blocker. It slows down the conversion of testosterone into estrogens by blocking the aromatase enzyme.

As age catches up, testosterone levels decrease. However, chrysin has the potential to do both things: suppress excess estrogen, while boosting low testosterone. Double happiness! And because it’s a plant-based supplement, it comes with a host of benefits beyond sexual performance and increased energy, such as:

● Improved mood and mental concentration

● Lower risks of heart disease, stroke and cancer

● Anti-anxiety effects, comparable with diazepam (benzodiaziepines)

● Has anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties

Time to put away the Tongkat Ali, because it’s a simple matter of balancing your body’s hormones. Once you get that right, happiness and health will be on your way.


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