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Why gargling is good for you ?

Gargling is a popular home remedy for sore throats, but did you know that gargling also prevents respiratory infections? In Japan, a study showed that it reduces upper respiratory infections by 36%, while in England, it reduced Covid-19 illness length by 1.9 days, lowered medication use by 36% and reduced household contact transmission by 35%.

More recently in Hong Kong, throat gargling has been shown to reduce viral loads, especially in saliva swab tests conducted on Covid patients. Gargling prevents oral cavity infections, where bacteria enters the body through the mouth. For Covid patients who have been immunocompromised, it’s even more important to prevent this. That’s why gargling has been touted as potentially useful and a cost-effective method in controlling the pandemic.

A gargle a day keeps the virus away

Besides being alcohol-free, the Corona Gargle is fluoride-free, SLS-free, non-burning, non-toxic and won’t be harmful if accidentally swallowed. It’s non-irritable and comfortable, especially for cancer patients or those at high risk of pneumonia.

The Corona Gargle is also perfect for cigar or cigarette smokers, those suffering from morning breath or even durian lovers! It’s extremely effective in killing bad odours, so you can use it as a regular mouthwash. Those with gum disease also stand to benefit – silver’s wound healing properties are gentle on gums unlike other commercial brands.

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