Book Our Covid-19 Home Monitoring Service Now

Book Our Covid-19 Home Monitoring Service Now

Have you or a loved one tested positive for Covid? Bespoke Health is now able to care for you with our home care service. With the sudden surge of cases and the healthcare system stretched in Malaysia, the Ministry of Health (KKM) has ruled that patients with mild or no symptoms (Category 1 and 2) can undergo home quarantine.

As such, Bespoke Health has launched our home care service for Covid positive clients.

We’ve been receiving many calls requesting for this, and our health consultants are ready to provide you with private consultation and close monitoring as you care for yourself or a family member at home.

Our goal is to help you recover from Covid-19 as soon as possible and prevent you from being hospitalised. Our home care service includes:
● Virtual evaluation over teleconference with a medical professional (first session)
● 5 alternate-day scheduled consultation with a health consultant
● Personalised briefing on self-care for Category 1 and 2 Covid patient
● Convenient arrangement of medication delivery during office hours (price of medication is excluded)
● Looking out for red flags in case symptoms worsen and you need to contact KKM
● A holistic and personalised treatment plan based on patient’s current condition, personal health record and Covid category
● Strict advice following Ministry of Health and WHO guidelines

If you’re unsure if this is the right solution for you, feel free to WhatsApp us your questions and for real-time advice.

Finally, if there is a Covid-positive person at home, remember to keep everyone safe and prevent infection to other family members with these simple steps:

● Separate Covid patient in another room to limit movement
● Open windows in room and house for good ventilation
● Only one caregiver, who must not have underlying conditions
● Patient and caregiver must wear masks when in contact
● Patient must have own cups, utensils, towels and bedlinen
● All surface areas touched by patient must be sanitised daily
● No visitors allowed

Book our Covid Home Care service now:



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