Dislike Taking Big, Difficult to Swallow Calcium Tablets?
Fret Not, Try Our Easy-to-Swallow Pill Instead

Dislike Taking Big, Difficult to Swallow Calcium Tablets?
Fret Not, Try Our Easy-to-Swallow Pill Instead

Are you pregnant and taking your calcium tablets? If not, is it because it’s difficult to swallow or has an awful taste?

Calcium is an important mineral you need during pregnancy to prevent pre-eclampsia, which is characterised by high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia can lead to birth complications and damage to organs like your liver and kidney.

Babies need calcium to grow healthy bones and teeth. And while you can get calcium from foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, kale, broccoli, salmon, it’s sometimes not possible to get what you need in your daily diet.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands strongly recommends calcium supplements for:

● All pregnant women, from the moment they are pregnant until the baby is born

● Pregnant women with higher risks of gestational hypertension

● Pregnant women living in areas with low calcium intake, such as in Asia where dairy is not popular and many of us are lactose-intolerant

As such, we have developed easy-to-swallow calcium carbonate capsules, and we will adjust the dose and concentration of the calcium pills based on your pregnancy trimester. A lot of pregnant women are not aware that they have to look at the elemental calcium content instead of the salt content. Higher doses are required especially during pregnancy for bone growth and other health benefits to support the pregnancy.

Also be careful not to mix calcium supplements with iron supplements if you’re taking any. That’s because they compete for the same receptors, and calcium can interfere with iron absorption. It’s best to space them one to two hours apart.

That said, we are always here to guide you on your nutritional intake. Do not discount yourself and your baby of optimal calcium intake for a healthy and smooth pregnancy. Find out more about our easy-to-swallow calcium pills by contacting https://wa.me/60192519198.

You and your baby deserve all the help you can get, and we are just a WhatsApp away!





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