Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Zoom parties are all the rage since we’ve been stuck at home, but one thing hasn’t changed – the hangover effects are still the same! In fact, drinking at home can even be more intense, as there’s no one to stop us and no need to drive home…

But now that businesses have re-opened and dine-ins allowed again, the party animal in us are crawling back to bars and pubs. Let’s make sure we don’t crawl home and crash, waking up with bloodshot eyes, headaches, a pounding skull, and no memories of last night.

The cure to save Sundays

Truth is, there’s no silver bullet or cure-all for a hangover. But we’ve done a lot of research and have come up with Boozevit, a revolutionary new supplement for party-goers. Specially formulated for busy people, it’s a healthy way to get your energy and recovery back. Here’s the science behind it:

● Boozevit is packed with antioxidants that decrease the symptoms of hangovers. When alcohol (ethanol) enters our body, it hits the liver and is metabolised into acetaldehyde, a toxin that makes us feel hungover and damages our liver. Boozevit decreases the amount of time the body is exposed to acetaldehyde.

● Boozevit is formulated with mucolytic agents to purge alcohol from our body. Too much drinking increases alcohol metabolites and imbalance in oxidative status, and a study has proven that Boozevit reduced alcohol’s intoxicated behaviours and
biochemical effects on zebrafish.

● Boozevit has essential immune system boosters. On top of relieving symptoms like hangovers, nausea, headaches, stress and anxiety, Boozevit works also as an added layer of prevention to protect the liver and brain from damage caused by ethanol substances.

So now that you know how to hack your hangover, you can have the best night out with your mates without worrying about tomorrow. Now lift those glasses up. Cheers!


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