While waiting for the vaccine, start with CoronavitZ

While waiting for the vaccine, start with CoronavitZ

When will the Covid-19 vaccine reach our shores? It’s hard keeping up with the news daily, but there is one thing you can do: taking your daily dose of vitamins for optimal and effective strength.

Due to the rise of infections in our country, our research team at Bespoke Health has compounded a new power combo supplement to fight the virus – the CoronavitZ. It’s packed full of Vitamins D3, C and Zinc, and it’s the best way to boost your immune system so you don’t fall prey to viruses and infections.

What’s inside the CoronavitZ

Our new CoronavitZ is a power combo with high concentrations of Vitamins D3, C and Zinc. They’re specially formulated and compounded for the average adult, using optimal dosing to fight viruses. The strength and concentration we use is not commercially available in the market, and can’t be found anywhere off the shelves or online.

Everyone knows that Vitamin D is critical for immune function. But now that many of us are indoors working from home, it’s even more important to make up for the lack. Research has linked Vitamin D deficiency with high infection rates, breathing failures and asthma – and proven that it stops viruses from entering our lungs and replicating inside them. 

Vitamin C, on the other hand, is a powerful antioxidant that strengthens our body’s natural defences. But did you know that Vitamin C also has anti-viral effects? It enhances lung epithelial barrier function and helps reduce the duration and severity of lung-related illnesses like pneumonia, SARS, MERS and now Covid-19. 

Meanwhile, zinc helps the body fight bacterial and viral infections. It’s frequently used to treat common colds, as it’s also an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation. Research has shown that zinc can reduce the risk of death from pneumonia, and there’s evidence it prevents viruses from entering the body. That’s why we’ve fortified CoronavitZ with zinc! 

Prevention is better than cure

With the combined powerhouse of Vitamins D, C and zinc, CoronavitZ is a natural antioxidant to make sure your immune system is always in top shape – ready to fight and defend should there be an attack. 

According to a Harvard study, taking supplements containing these essential nutrients is even more important now, so that our bodies have a nutritional safety net to fight off Covid-19. So while waiting for the vaccine, and instead of living fearfully, let’s start practising preventive healthcare today!


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